Our Marriage Celebration

Saturday October 10th 2015 4:30pm
Our Story
The story began in 2004 at Rochester Institute of Technology, were we spent our last year together working hard to graduate with the best grades possible. After graduation, we spent a little over a year at Brian’s parents’ in Princeton, NJ, saving money and looking for a work. In November 2006, Janet started a position at a large advertising company in SoHo, Merkley and Partners.

Within four months, the commute was unbearable, and with enough money saved, we moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The two bedroom apartment we shared with roommate, Robert, was tiny, noisy, and critter infested – but it was a start and some of our best times with friends were shared there.

Needless to say, after a year, we had to find better accommodations, so onward to Williamsburg…what an upgrade! Twelve hundred square feet on the top floor of a quiet street and a shared backyard for BBQ parties. Brian was working at J&R and then Staples, while Janet continued with Merkley, while also building up her web design company, Third Eye Industries.

In 2013, another change was needed, as we were no longer happy with our current employment situations. Brian was eager to go back to his design background; Janet was ready to improve hers. Brian had the idea of studying in Italy, the center of design. By October, we were enrolled and the frustrating visa process began. Ten days before departure, we had our visas in hand, all of our belongings stored safely in the Dakey family basement, and two suitcases each.

We had a fantastic first semester in Florence, studying hard, keeping up with Third Eye Industries clients, and taking excursions to get to know Italy and a few other points in Europe. The month of August was spent with Brian’s family in Sardinia, with the highlight (of course) being Brian’s proposal on our last night there. After more challenging paperwork, our Italian marriage date was set for January 20th in Oristano, Sardinia.

We were overjoyed to share this wonderful day with our parents, a small group of Italian family, and a couple of Italian friends (see pics). We now have the most wonderful opportunity to build more memories by sharing an  “American” celebration with all of you.


Will you be joining us? Kindly reply by September 19th.